House Washing

Boost your curb appeal with a spotless exterior 

Look to us for house washing services in Longview, TX

A little dirt and mildew can make your home look old and unkempt. Luckily, Convenient Clean can solve that problem.

We offer commercial building and house washing services in Longview, TX. Our house cleaning process begins with careful preparation to prevent landscape damage.

You can hire us to clean many types of siding, including:





We’ll use power washing, soft washing or hand-washing equipment to remove every bit of buildup. We’ll also use eco-friendly cleaning products – but we’ll keep industrial-grade bleach on hand for stubborn mold and mildew. Contact Us now to book an exterior house cleaning appointment.

What else can we clean?

You can choose from a full range of house washing services. We can clean your siding, deck, porch, retaining wall, fence or curb. We can also clean pavers and concrete flatwork, like your driveway. To find out more, speak with a member of our team today.